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To all medical staff: When disaster strikes…

07 Aug 2016

By: Andy Furman, MD, vice president of medical affairs

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Who will lead the medical staff through a major earthquake or prolonged computer outage? Both are disasters of different proportions, but require a steady and coordinated response. We have a great resource at Salem Health in Wayne McFarlin. Wayne has helped coordinate many disaster response efforts within the organization, but wants to help lead a group of interested medical staff in preparing a response to a potential disaster.

Odds are that a good number of you will step forward to help on the day something happened, and as appreciated as that will be, we are looking for interested practitioners to be a part of building how that help would be coordinated in an efficient way. Thank you Dr. Karen Spangle for being the first to step forward! Who else wants to help? Please contact Kellye Lou Fetters at