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What’s the difference between a CMO and a VPMA?

02 Apr 2017

By: Ralph Yates, chief medical officer, and Andrew Furman, vice president medical affairs

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Ever wondered what the distinct roles are of the chief medical officer (Ralph Yates, DO) compared to the vice president medical affairs (Andrew Furman, MD)? It’s a question we have heard more than once.

The VPMA reports to the CMO and is designated on the CMO’s succession plan. In a Lean organization, succession planning is an intentional process. Filling key roles with leaders who are familiar with the organizational journey and culture is a valuable strategy, and succession planning makes this possible.

The VPMA and CMO work closely together to drive physician engagement, which is critical in health care innovation. If physicians don't embrace and own change, we cannot reach our greatest potential. The CMO and VPMA are partnered to do everything we can to help you successfully own change. We stay active on the medical staff to hear concerns, identify barriers and remove them.  

We are here as a resource to hear concerns and help solve problems. Talk to us. Ask us. Work with us. We are driven to make change while reestablishing physician wellness and joy in the practice of medicine.