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Why we’re ending sonohystogram kits

19 Feb 2017

By: Mary Ransome, director of Imaging and Lab

Starting Feb. 19, Salem Health will no longer offer sonohystogram studies. Here’s the SBAR reasoning:


  • In the past two years, 19 sonohystogram kits had to be thrown away due to expiring.


  • The Ultrasound Department has seen a significant decrease in sonohystogram orders over the past five years: none in 2016; one in 2015; four each in 2013 and 2014; and 12 in 2012.


  • Attributed decrease to having capability to perform in physician offices.
  • Sonohystograms are offered at other Salem area Imaging facilities
  • Kits often expire before they are used and can only be purchased as a 10-pack


  • Discontinue offering sonohystogram studies at Salem Health effective Feb. 19.