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X-ray replacement starts this month

09 Apr 2023

Includes X-ray, fluoroscopy systems at SH and WVH

By: Polly Bisquera, project management office project manager

The X-Ray Replacement Project will improve X-ray and fluoroscopy systems at Salem and West Valley Hospitals as they reach their end-of-life. The project starts this month with Salem Hospital X-ray Room 7 and the West Valley Hospital Fluoroscopy Room,

Salem Hospital X-ray Room 7 decommission started on April 4, and runs through mid-July.

  • No interruption in services is expected.
  • Construction containment extends into the patient hallway, but we don’t expect any changes in hallway traffic.

SH Rad Rm 7 Logistics Plan (1)

West Valley Fluoroscopy Room decommission starts on April 11, and runs through late July.

  • Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) testing for swing-bed patients will continue.
  • There will be no other in-patient fluoroscopy services during this time.
  • All outpatient fluoroscopy services will shift to Salem Hospital.
WVH Flouroscopy Logistics Plan (1)

Questions? Contact Jonathan Fetterley, imaging services director, Jamie Rouse, interim director of operations at West Valley Hospital or Polly Bisquera, project management office project manager.