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Your questions answered (8/7/16)

07 Aug 2016

By: Cheryl Wolfe, president and CEO, and Ralph Yates, MD, chief medical officer

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You asked: Why didn't anyone from Salem Health mention a joint venture with ASC at recent GI section meetings?  What will happen with the outpatient surgery suites in Building C? Smells like something other than "good intent" and "transparency."

We answered: We appreciate hearing your response and the concerns you raised. Our goal has been and continues to be honest and open conversation grounded in the concept of assumption of positive intent. The Common Ground article last week was intended to start a dialogue. To this end, we made the announcement as soon as it became possible to do so.

The GI section meeting attendance by Bahaa Wanly, Andy Furman and Ralph Yates covered a variety of topics and concerns and preceded this announcement in Common Ground. Conversation was centered on the agenda put together by the section. As you may be aware, it is the intent by the ELC to have representative presence in as many of the section meetings as possible. We look forward to continuing the dialogue both here and in person with as many of you as possible.