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Your questions answered: What’s the story with Moda?

21 Feb 2016

By: Cheryl Wolfe, President and CEO of Salem Health

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How joined at the hip are we with OHSU?
OHSU and Salem Health have affiliated to create a world-class, value-based health care system built onCherylNesterBowers partnerships and innovation. We believe that our two organizations are better working together. There is opportunity to create better outcomes and value for patients the more closely we partner.

As for the decision-making process, the clinical enterprises of OHSU and Salem Health are managed solely by OHSU Partners under the oversight of the Salem Health and OHSU boards. Each board has a 50 percent "say" in how OHSU Partners is operated. Local decisions are made by Salem Health’s president and CEO, with accountability to OHSU Partners.

When OHSU makes a statement, does this mean they speak for us now?
The short answer is “no.” OHSU Partners might speak for both Salem Health and OHSU Healthcare, but Salem Health doesn’t speak for OHSU, nor does OHSU speak for Salem Health. It is also important to remember that there is a distinction between OHSU Partners, OHSU Healthcare, OHSU School of Medicine, and OHSU research. Salem Health is affiliated with OHSU Healthcare through OHSU Partners, but not the School of Medicine or research.

I know the affiliation did not mean financial merging presumably, so how much is OHSU’s issue with Moda shared by Salem Health?
Salem Health has no responsibility for the surplus note OHSU gave to Moda.

Do we have our own issues with Moda, and if so, for how much? I understand Salem Health, and Salem Clinic were increasingly associating with Moda so what does this mean as to the financial challenges we are exposed to locally with our two main health care facilities?
There is no business relationship among Salem Clinic, Salem Health, and Moda.

Thank you for the good questions. This type of positive, honest communication helps to further cement the positive relationships and trust between administration and the medical staff. Continue to submit your questions through Common Ground.