If you are experiencing flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms, call us at 503-814-0099 before visiting any of our locations. Learn more.
Every hero has a team. Thank you for being on ours.

Community health is a team effort, especially when it comes to defeating COVID-19.

For every front-line medical hero, there is a family, a neighborhood, a city, and a whole world of teammates.





When everyone on the team does their part — no matter how small — it makes it possible for us to keep going.

Protecting each other banner

Washing your hands, giving each other space and wearing a mask show that you’re on the team that’s standing against this virus.



Every hero has a team. And when you make healthy choices, you’re on ours.



Add Every Hero Has A Team to your Facebook profile photo to show you're on the team fighting Covid-19.

At Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics, the safety of our employees, patients and community is at the core of everything we do. But all of it is connected to our neighbors in one way or another. Health care workers are heroes, but every hero has a team.

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