How to get started

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to lose a substantial amount of weight for those willing to make lifelong lifestyle changes. The getting started process is simple yet rigorous. This process will help you understand:

  • Which type of bariatric surgery that's right for you.
  • Any preparation you'll need to complete.
  • The lifelong lifestyle changes that are needed.
  • And more.

Please contact us at any point if you have questions.

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We reserve the right to drug test anyone.

Salem Health Community Health Education Center offers free smoking cessation classes.


Make sure you qualify

To have bariatric surgery at Salem Hospital, you must meet the guidelines below.

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You must:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) between 35 and 65.
  • Be between 21 and 75 years old.
  • Be free from using nicotine products for at least six weeks prior to submitting your forms. Examples include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, vaping liquids, patches and gum.
  • Be free from using cannabis product that contain THC for at least six weeks prior to submitting your forms. Examples include, but are not limited to, marijuana, edibles, concentrates, oils and person care products.
  • Be free from illicit drug use for at least one year.
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You cannot:

  • Weigh more than 500 pounds.
  • Have chronic kidney failure or be on dialysis.
  • Have previously had weight loss surgery or surgery on the stomach.
  • Have severe uncontrolled psychiatric disorders or attempted suicide.
  • Be pregnant or currently breast feeding.


Watch an information session

The first step to having bariatric surgery is watching our information session. The information session provides details that can help you choose a weight loss surgery option that makes sense for you.

Before watching, download and review the following:


Submit your forms

If you prefer paper copies of the forms, call 503-814-5286.
Contact us if you have any questions about the forms.

Return the completed forms

After completing the forms, please bring them to the clinic and we will measure your height and weight.

Salem Health Bariatric Surgery Center
Salem Hospital, Building C
875 Oak St. SE, Suite 4010
Salem, OR 97301


Find out what your insurance covers

More and more health insurance plans are covering bariatric surgery than ever before. Once you find out what your plan covers (use the insurance coverage worksheet listed in Step 2), we can help you review any of their requirements. For example, many insurance companies ask that you:

  • Provide several months of documented diet history.
  • Talk to a dietitian and a mental health professional before surgery.

We can also help you understand how much you may be expected to pay out of pocket. Our staff works directly with you to suggest finance and payment options.

You may need a referral from your primary care provider. Your health insurance provider will inform you if a referral is necessary.

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Complete a screening phone call

After we receive your completed forms, we'll call you to discuss your medical history and next steps.

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