Cancer clinical trials

Comparing accepted cancer treatments with new types of treatments

We are proud to offer patients innovative treatment options through clinical research trials. We work closely with researchers throughout the region to provide quality cancer care.

Our clinical trials are tailored to the needs of the community. We conduct phase II-IV drug trials as well as trials that include surgery and radiation therapy. We also offer quality-of-life trials.

We use the same ethical and professional guidelines as larger academic medical centers and often exceed those standards. We are subject to the same federal standards and oversight as nationally recognized institutions.

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Talk with your doctor to see if clinical trials are an option for you. Or call our clinical research department at 503‑814‑1435.


Frequently asked questions about clinical trials



Currently open cancer clinical trials

Connect® Myeloid Disease Registry

Tumor site: Hematologic (MDS, MF)

Description: Observational disease registry to provide insights into disease treatment decisions and patterns as they relate to patient-reported outcomes in patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) or Myelofibrosis (MF).

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    Tumor site: Lung

    Description: Master protocol to evaluate biomarker-driven therapies and immunotherapies in previously treated non-small lung cancer participants.

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      Tumor site: Lung

      Description: Lung-MAP sub-study. Interventional, phase II trial investigating how co-mutations affect the efficacy of KRAS G12C inhibitor, sotorasib, in advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.

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        Tumor site: Breast

        Description: Interventional randomized non-inferiority trial comparing overall survival of patients with hormone receptor positive, Her2 negative metastatic breast cancer monitored with serum tumor marker directed disease monitoring versus the usual care.

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          Tumor site: Testicular, Ovarian 

          Description: Observational study to assess if the expression of plasma miRNA 371 is a predictor for outcome in patients with newly diagnosed germ cell tumors.

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