Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

If you’ve had a cesarean delivery, you are not alone.

Salem Health labor and delivery is equipped and ready to help women who are candidates for a VBAC be successful. For patients who meet our criteria, VBAC is an option designed to ensure a safe trial of labor while attempting a vaginal birth. 

Discuss the possibility with your health care provider and make an informed decision about the VBAC option.

VBAC risks

The greatest concern for women who have had a previous cesarean is the risk of uterine rupture during a vaginal birth.

Some studies have documented increased rates of uterine rupture in women who have an induced labor. You should discuss the possible complications with your provider. 

What criteria must I meet to be considered for a VBAC?

  • You have had less than two cesarean deliveries.
  • You have no additional uterine scars, anomalies or previous ruptures.
  • Your provider must be prepared to monitor labor and perform or refer for a cesarean, if necessary.

What other criteria makes me a good candidate for a VBAC?

  • The original reason for a cesarean delivery is not repeated with this pregnancy.
  • You have no major medical conditions.
  • The baby is a normal size.
  • The baby is head-down.
  • Prior vaginal delivery and/or prior successful VBAC.

In what situations is a VBAC not recommended?

  • You are pregnant with twins.
  • If you have had more than two prior cesarean deliveries.