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Spine Center of Excellence


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The Salem Health Spine Center started in 2008 as a triage center to help expedite the referral process to spine specialists, particularly neurosurgeons.

Knowing the majority of episodes of back and neck pain can be managed conservatively, this process allows for more timely reviews from a neurosurgeon and helps expedite the care for those who need spine surgery.

Since its inception, the Spine Center has grown to involve patient education and helping direct nonsurgical care, surgical management, perioperative education and postoperative therapy to put the patient at the center of their own care.

In 2010, Salem Health Spine Center was designated as a Center of Excellence by The Joint Commission. Every two years we apply for recertification as a Center of Excellence to ensure quality care through a commitment to evidence-based practice, patient safety and continuous improvement. In 2022, the Salem Health Spine Center was recertified by The Joint Commission for the sixth time.



Patient stories

Watch a Spine Center testimonial from a real patient success story. From medicine to exercise to surgery, patients explain how they finally got the relief they needed.